Indoor Air Quality

and Hygiene of Air Conditioning systems in Yachting

Special attention is given now to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), especially due to Covid-19 air transmission.

Captains, Engineers, Management and Agents are challenged to reach and maintain the highest hygiene standards in the Air Conditioning systems.

The high rate of air recirculation, the complexity and the very limited accessibility of the AC systems (Air Handling Units and ducts) for cleaning and disinfection activities make their job very hard.

The main objective is to maintain the AC system in proper hygiene conditions controlling any microbial or chemical contamination of the Indoor Air. The first step is to assess the IAQ and the hygiene conditions of the AC system in order to set a «0 point» through a detailed audit.

The audit should take into account several parameters (physical, chemical and microbiological) and must be performed by professionals.

The second step is to validate the cleaning procedures and to recommend actions for improvement.

A routine audit guarantees that the implemented actions maintain proper Indoor Air Quality and hygiene of the AC system thus preventing any health issue transmitted by air.
A positive audit provides added value for sales and charters too

Audits are tailored on each vessel depending on the AC system and the management requirements.

Surveys are performed onboard along mediterranean, northern and arabic seas.

Reports are detailed, fast delivered, easy reading and confidential.

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